Sacrifices to Satan

     The most appalling aspect of Satanism is the issue of child sacrifices. Do not let anyone tell you differently; they do happen. Law enforcement has been dealing with this problem for a long time. In many agencies across the country, there are officers specifically assigned to deal with this problem. Every once in a while, there will be a small blurb on the TV or a short, one paragraph article that mentions the subject. There are rarely any follow up articles. In truth, that is so because of the horrific nature of the crime. People just do not want to think that such evil happens in today’s society. “That does not really happen,” they say.  Unfortunately, it does.

     It is difficult to put a number on how many children are sacrificed because the bodies are not usually found. When it comes to organized groups, the bodies are disposed of in a manner that prevents them from being found. There are many ways to do that. However, according to many of those who have left such cults, the numbers are staggering. In my mind, the sacrifice of one single child is staggering. What about 200 children? That would grab a lot of attention, I would assume. Suppose that number reached one thousand a year? You get the point, any number is staggering. Now, suppose I told you that there are 1.4 million sacrifices each year to Satan? That would shock you beyond belief, as it should. Most people would shake their heads and say that “this guy is nuts.” Do you know what? I may well be but there are that many sacrifices on a yearly basis in this country. However, being a politically correct country, we do not call them sacrifices to Satan. We have a better term: we call it abortion.

     I am sure that I am about to lose some of you but before you click off, vowing to never again look at this site, please finish the article. This is not about blame; it is about change. We cannot undo what has been done but we can prevent the need from arising. Having said that, I have to say this: like it or not, abortion is indeed a sacrifice to Satan. Of course, no one looks at the abortion epidemic that way. Again, people would call me crazy for believing that abortion is a sacrifice. Believe me, this is probably just as shocking to Satan as it is to us. In his most twisted moment, during his most diabolical planning, he never would have conceived that 1.4 million children would be intentionally killed each and every year. Here he thought he had one the battle of good versus evil 2,000 years ago. That proved to be his biggest defeat, as we all know. However, abortion has become his greatest victory, hands down. The truly sad part is that he did not have to do much work on this one. Roe versus Wade took care of that. To take politics out of the equation, we can look at it another way. Christ suffered and died for our sins and this is how we repay him.

     Now believe it or not, I am not writing this article to put anyone on a guilt trip. Nor am I doing it to judge anyone. God knows I am in no position to judge anybody on anything. I have said time and time again that it would probably be best not to stand behind me on line come judgment day. If you do, bring lunch. What I am really trying to do here is stop the carnage. This is not an article about a confused woman having to make a terrible choice. No, the bigger problem is that we as a society accept this and even fight for the right to do it. What does that say for the country? “One nation under God.” How can we be so hypocritical? God has nothing to do with this. It is a wonder that He wants anything to do with us after all we have done! The bigger issue is how we change society, how we stop the carnage. It is also a bit about personal responsibility.

     We have what we call “Planned Parenthood.” It is another moniker for murder. Their idea is to help you decide what is “best” for you. If that means killing your baby, so be it. You know what? It is no more complicated than that. We hear so much about pro-choice. That is just another word for pro-murder. If my neighbor causes me grief, can I kill him? It sounds ridiculous, I know. However, in this country, we can kill a child that causes grief. Rest assured, Satan is much pleased.

     Many believe that politicians are the problem but this is an over used excuse. Let us face it with politicians, they believe in whatever will get them elected and keep them there. If some group that supported eating cow manure for breakfast was large enough, you know what politicians would be claiming to eat for breakfast. Some of them waffle so much on the subject that it is truly embarrassing. Can you imagine how we look to the other world leaders? We preach civil rights; we demand humane conditions from countries like China. We deploy troops all over the world to protect those who are living under tyranny. We do that and we should. However, while we are doing all of this, we are also killing our own children. Does anybody see a problem here?

     The next issue has to do with individuals. Abortion is not birth control. We can send people to the moon; we can erect space stations. We have cured more diseases than anyone can imagine. We have also created a few. We have wonderful technology and we are living in the information age. Why is it that we still have not figured out how to keep teenage girls from getting pregnant? Nothing has changed since the dawn of man. We know how it is done. There is no secret or mystery regarding how a person becomes pregnant. Person “A” does something with person “B.” Trust me, it has not changed through the centuries. We also know how to prevent it from happening. Yet, 1.4 million women per year terminate their baby’s lives without giving them a chance to live. It is so unnecessary. Who do we think we are, God? Maybe we are so used to playing God that we actually believe that is who we are. That kind of reminds me why Satan was banished in the first place. Let me throw a scary thought at you. We are, by choice I might add, much closer to Satan than we are to God. We have become so desensitized in this era that we do not even know what we are doing. I know of many women who have had abortions. Sadly, most of the women I know have had one. Many have had several. Almost all of them regret their decision; many are tortured by it. They made their choice based on the prevailing belief that it was the right thing to do. It was legal, they were told. It was good, they were told. They were led to believe that it was the smart way to go because this is an enlightened society. How many women are out there, hating themselves because of a decision they made while in a vulnerable state while living in a confused society? The other side of the coin is one woman who told me that she could not believe how easy it was!    

     Babies are not disposable humans. Well, they should not be anyway. We treat them like disposable lighters in our disposable world. I once talked with an old friend of mine and I asked her how her family was doing. She went on to tell me that her oldest boy was in college and how her teenage daughter had become pregnant. Then, in a frighteningly off hand matter, she told me that they discussed the subject over the weekend and that her daughter feels it is best to abort the baby. The incredible part, the part that really bothers me is that she said this in much the same tone as she would use if she were telling me that her daughter had a toothache and chose having the tooth removed rather that undergo a root canal. Can I scare you a bit more? More women will have root canals before they will have a baby. We care more about our teeth than we do our children. The problem with this whole paragraph is that it shows that by and large, getting pregnant and having the baby aborted is no big deal. “All of my friends have done it.”   

     Before going any further, let me inform the male public that it is just as much their fault as it is the girl’s. All too often, it is the father who pressures the mother to “get rid of the baby.” Can you imagine, “getting rid” of a life. As I said before, there is no secret regarding the way babies are created and the ways to prevent the conception. It should never come down to abortion; it should never have to. Show some responsibility for your actions or the ones you are planning. There is no reason in this society why anyone has to get pregnant. There are many means of contraception. If you are not going to choose one, then you are taking a hell of a chance. If one side wants to use something and the other does not, then walk away. You will meet better people out there. There is simply no excuse in today’s world. You see, I believe in pro choice. Every woman has the right to decide if she wants to get pregnant. Exercise that right or if not, exercise abstinence.

     I have always wondered about those babies who were not given a chance to live. Were there any great teachers amongst them? How about doctors, priests, nuns? I won’t mention lawyers. Maybe even a Saint or two. Have we possibly prevented the birth of someone who might have made a positive, significant change in our world? You have to at least consider the possibility. There is no way to know what we are missing. There is no way to judge the impact that a life may have had. We cannot even begin to evaluate the ramifications of our actions. We are left to wonder and consider the possibilities.

     If anything should revolt us, it is what is referred to as “partial birth abortion.”  I will spare you the graphic details but it is enough to make one sick. For that matter, it should be enough. Unfortunately, it is not always so. Despite the horrific procedure, many fight for the right to perform this evil. Of course, many of these same people fight to insure that insurance companies pay for abortions. That translates into all of us paying for it. In this country, we have millions of people who struggle through life and suffer needlessly because they have no health care. Many of our elderly cannot afford the medicine they need to survive. Of course the way we treat our elderly is a national disgrace. Does this next sentence make sense? We will fight to force insurance companies to pay for death but not for life? Does that seem slightly inverted to you? Maybe it reminds you of an inverted cross. They are both the same.

     How do we stop the carnage? You would think that answer lies in education. Evidently it does not because we know as much now as we ever will. The answer does not lie in bombing clinics and killing doctors. You cannot fight evil with evil. When you do, evil must win. On the subject of doctors, it amazes me that those who have taken the Hippocratic oath can be so hypocritical. Still, that does not give anyone a license to kill. God bestowed upon us the gift of being able to create life, yet we abused that gift. Worse still, so many throw it away. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Where is our decency, our humanity? When did we lose our consciences? Have we let Satan get so far into us that we have lost ourselves? Where does it end? Does it end?      

© 2000 T. Cooney

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